CFO ResourcesAssessing Your Company’s Fiscal Fitness: 10 Questions For CEO’s To Ask  

I developed this list from my many years of working with CEO’s, helping increase cash flow and earnings.  Taken as a whole, they define my process of getting the company to fiscal fitness.  A “yes” answer to each of these will lay the groundwork for a successful exit.

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    Are you looking for other resources to help your business? 
    I make a point of collaborating with very experienced people who can help in the areas listed below.  These are high-quality service providers, listed here in alphabetical order:

    • Accounting: Public accountants for all industries
    • Bankers:  Deposit and lending transactions from banks of all sizes, to fit needs
    • Bookkeeping:  QuickBooks and Peachtree experts
    • Business coaches: Institutional and private coaches
    • Commercial real estate: Tenant and landlord representatives
    • HR: Entire range of HR services needed before a full time HR manager is hired
    • Insurance: Commercial and personal insurance
    • Internet design and development: Basic and complex
    • IT:  Entire range of IT services
    • Legal: Client needs of all types, from full-service law firms to sole proprietors
    • Mergers and Acquisitions: For transactions of all sizes
    • Marketing: Overall strategy, Marketing communications, Internet-specialized
    • Payroll: For all sizes of companies
    • Sales:  Sales force evaluation, motivation, and training
    • Tax accounting:  Personal and corporate
    • Valuation: Simple and complex companies and transactions

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    Are you involved in a start-up that’s seeking investor funding?  Here’s an informational piece I’ve developed:

    “Funding Prep 101”  is a PPT presentation I created at the request of CONNECT Springboard.  It offers answers to questions such as:
    • What drives the valuation of my company?
    • What is a likely range of valuations at various stages?
    • What are my potential funding sources and funding vehicles?
    • How do my successive funding rounds show up on a capitalization table?
    • How do the funding rounds affect my dilution?

    Here are decks for two industries:

    High Tech Funding Prep 101

    Medical Devices Funding Prep 101

    These decks can also be found on the CONNECT website, as the fourth section on this page: . There are separate decks for High Tech, Medical Devices, and also BioPharma.