CFO TestimonialsOver time, Outsource CFO Services has been fortunate to work with and for some great people.  I’m grateful for their generous comments, below.

I have known Dave for over 10 years and have appreciated his integrity, savvy and business intelligence.  On my recommendation, Dave was hired as the consulting CFO for an electronics manufacturer, where I serve on the Board of Advisors.  Dave brought in a disciplined approach to managing the company’s financial function, allowing the company for the first time to develop comprehensive, forward-looking profit and loss and cash flow projections.  He brought about better communications between various company functions, including sales, engineering and manufacturing.  I also worked with Dave when he acted, upon my recommendation, as a financial consultant for a growing distribution company, where I was serving as a mentor to senior management.  Dave was my first choice for this situation, as the company desperately needed the improved cash flow visibility that he was able to provide through his work.

Rich Amen
Mentor, Chairmen’s Roundtable
Retired High Technology CEO

David Kramer was instrumental in the growth of Space Micro as a Fast 100 and Inc 5000 Fast growth space and defense company.  As a bootstrapping firm, we could not afford, or require, a full time CFO, so Mr. Kramer acted as a cost-effective part time CFO.  Among the positive contributions he made were:

  1. Installation of financial metrics and ratios for monitoring
  2. Development of a standard monthly reporting system
  3. Focus on cash flow forecasting
  4. Training of both our CEO and our accounting manager
  5. Instilled the discipline of a monthly and then later, a quarterly financial review

I would highly recommend David Kramer as a financial consultant or part time CFO.

David J. Strobel
CEO, Space Micro Inc.

Dave Kramer helped us with a number of key projects to support our rapid growth, including migrating from QuickBooks to a full ERP SaaS solution and modeling multiple revenue streams.  Dave was knowledgeable and professional, and his time estimates and work were detail-oriented and accurate.  His experience and collaborative approach addressed our high-level strategic needs, and he was not shy about getting into the tactical execution.  I would highly recommend his services.

Rick Moy
CEO, NSS Labs, Inc.

Dave understands the import of financial management.  He saved our butt by looking over the horizon and identifying cash flow issues and helping us restructure our operating posture to sustainable levels.  I think of Dave as a heavyweight CFO that thinks like a CEO.
He knows what makes a business tick and how to interpret the financial data to identify root problems.  You can count on Dave to always present an accurate and unvarnished picture of what lies ahead.
I continue to remain grateful for his experienced counsel.

Jack Wade
CEO, Z Microsystems, Inc.

Dave Kramer joined our fast growing firm when we had no effective financial systems and needed good help fast.  Dave was able to assemble a book keeping team that rapidly got us operational and then transitioned our Quickbooks system to Peachtree.  The skills of a good CFO were needed at a time when we needed to raise funds, manage our meager cash reserves, and build systems that could help us grow.

Gary Rayner
CEO, LifeProof

Dave Kramer is a remarkably talented and productive professional.  He has rare flexibility, not only in the industry verticals in which he’s experienced, but his being equally adaptive to the financial challenges of major enterprises, mid-size companies, start-ups, and turnarounds.  Dave brings the total businessman’s perspective to his work.  He has a keen understanding of general management, sales and marketing, and fund raising and, being an outstanding team player, fits in well with the in-place staff.  There’s no wasted motion with Dave.  He dives in, ferrets out the driving issues and never fails to come up with practical, actionable solutions, which…the opposite of a prima donna… he takes more than his share of the responsibility for implementing.  When I have an outsource CFO role to refer, Dave is my go-to guy.  He never disappoints.  My recommendation for Dave is unqualified and with given with enthusiasm.

Mark Sandson
Rancho Santa Fe Partners

Dave worked with us in a strategic finance role.  He helped us establish all of our accounting procedures, supported fund raising, and managed all of the financial reporting functions for the company.  He was thoughtful in his approach, as he balanced the focused needs of an early stage company with range of potential reporting and tracking tools and staff that were available in the market.  He has a sharp wit, easy style, and is very knowledgeable.  Great resource for companies in the San Diego area.

Jonathan Morris
CEO, ProSanos Corporation

Dave is excellent.  He brings impressive credentials, high integrity, a well-rounded perspective, deep technical experience, and pragmatic judgment.  Serving as an Advisor to my growing e-commerce publishing company, Dave has helped me evaluate our finance department (including all staffing levels, position responsibilities, and salaries), fundraising options, and valuation issues.  He was also instrumental in helping me recruit for and hire a CFO with the right skills when the need for a full time finance chief arose. Dave is a super nice guy and is a real pleasure to work with. I highly recommend him.

Bassim Hamadeh
Founder and CEO, University Readers