CFO ServicesThe Process: Partner with the busy CEO and as needed the staff, board, and advisors, to achieve the company’s financial objectives.

Efficient. Effective. Committed to your success. 

For owner-operated and investor-funded companies.


Specific Assistance

Provide timely, accurate accounting that helps run the business
• Ensure accounting is prompt and per generally accepted accounting principles
• Generate financial statements with analysis, formatted from a CEO viewpoint
• Verify adequacy of financial control systems

Improve cash visibility and cash flow
• Develop a 90-180 day rolling cash forecast
• Generate financial projections for potential lenders
• Find and negotiate financing as needed: bank lines, leases
• Help manage working capital

Increase earnings visibility and net income
• Analyze pricing, product costs, and departmental expenses for improvement
• Develop reports of profitability by product line to flag problems, opportunities

Develop and use actionable business metrics
Create a dashboard of key financial and operating information, for monthly review with the CEO and staff, tailored to the company’s unique business drivers and financial indicators

Plan growth–current and long term–based on business goals
• Develop an annual budget and, as needed, multi-year financial plans
• Evaluate current results against budget in the financial statements, above

Serve as senior financial representative to advisers, lenders, outside accountants
Summarize the company status as needed, with progress reporting, trend analysis, and explanatory notes, as well as standard financial statements

For investor-funded companies:
• Set up accounting systems
• Develop and update business plans for equity funding, venture debt
• Generate and present financial statements to board, investors, acquirers
• Assist with cap table, option accounting, valuations
• Coordinate the audit